About TecDiveGear

TecDiveGear was registered in the state of New Jersey in 2010. Founded by passionate divers to serve other divers and the diving community. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. Our list of happy customers is getting longer every day and we would hope you would be the next satisfied one. Your business is our reward, your opinion very important for the improvement of our work, any feedback is always welcome as it takes the on-line shopping experience to the next level.

Contact information:

Tec Dive Gear LLC

129 North County Line Rd

Suite 6 # 164

Jackson, NJ 08527

phone: +1 201 710 0042

Facebook: facebook.com/TecDiveGear

Instagram: instagram.com/tecdivegear_usa

YouTube: youtube.com/user/TecDiveGear

Twitter: @TecDiveGear

Thank you for visiting, dive safe!