• xDeep ZEOS Deluxe Scuba Diving BCD
    • xDeep ZEOS Deluxe Scuba Diving BCD
    • xDeep ZEOS Deluxe Scuba Diving BCD
    • xDeep ZEOS Deluxe Scuba Diving BCD
    • xDeep ZEOS Deluxe Scuba Diving BCD
    • xDeep ZEOS Deluxe Scuba Diving BCD
    • xDeep ZEOS Deluxe Scuba Diving BCD
    • xDeep ZEOS Deluxe Scuba Diving BCD
    • xDeep ZEOS Deluxe Scuba Diving BCD

    XDEEP ZEOS Deluxe Scuba Diving BCD


    ZEOS Deluxe Single Tank Scuba Diving BCD by XDEEP


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    ZEOS - truly modern classic, balanced solution for passionate single tank adventurers.

    Proven classic design with modern twist uplifting your comfort and safety. 

    Classical form and function has been elevated to the new level. Innovative design that combines ruggedness and reliability to meet the needs of all divers, whatever the next destination may be.

    Quality focused manufacturing and the best materials from around the world ensures many years of problem free use.

    The next level in diving. 

    Through technical design, constant testing and evolution the ZEOS is well balanced to aid horizontal position and trim. The center of gravity of the gas and cylinder is perfectly matched with the ZEOS buoyancy. Result ? Improved stability, enhanced buoyancy, smaller profile, better gas consumption and greater diver’s efficiency. No more sea horse position forced by traditional BCD’s.

    No compromises above or below the waves

    At the start and end of each dive ZEOS holds you high out of the water. Improved wing design ensures most of the wing stays underwater providing extra lift keeping your upper body and head high and above the waves. Wait in comfort for boat pick-up. 

    Constant Comfort through innovation

    Maximize the feeling of freedom that expert divers enjoy by diving a buoyancy system that is at one with you. Our 3D Mesh padding tailors itself to your body-shape through a unique microfiber structure. The 3D Mesh helps eliminate movement of the equipment during the dive.

    Our 3D mesh has no change in buoyancy characteristics, regardless of depth. 

    Modular weight system

    To truly be at one with your equipment, your weight system must be perfectly balanced, be safe, easy to configure and use. The modular weight system means you can confine your weight belt to history. Either it’s a few pounds needed in the warm waters or the larger qty of lead needed in cold water diving, you can select the pockets that best suit your needs. Install them with ease in minutes where you need them. 

    Choose between an aluminum or stainless steel backplate and two different BC wing sizes - 28 lbs or 38 lbs of lift. 


    ZEOS DeLuxe BCD includes:

    - ZEOS BC (wing) 28 or 38 lbs of lift

    - complete webbing harness with QR - quick release / pull to adjust buckles (5 D-rings, SS waist strap buckle)

    - choice of classic Aluminum or Stainless Steel backplate

    - deluxe neutral buoyancy 3D mesh shoulders and backplate pads

    - STA (single tank adapter, STA material matches backplate material) 

    - 2 x cam band tank straps

    * Set of secure weight pockets (if option chosen) 

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