• xDeep Zeos 28/38 BC Wing for Single Tank
    • xDeep Zeos 28/38 BC Wing for Single Tank
    • xDeep Zeos 28/38 BC Wing for Single Tank
    • xDeep Zeos 28/38 BC Wing for Single Tank
    • xDeep Zeos 28/38 BC Wing for Single Tank
    • xDeep Zeos 28/38 BC Wing for Single Tank

    XDEEP Zeos 28/38 BC Wing for Single Tank


    Zeos 28 / 38 lbs buoyancy compensator device BC for single tank by xDeep

    XDEEP Zeos

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    Wing designed and proven to lift your diving.

    ZEOS wing design is performance focused. A proven approach, the wing is perfectly balanced for ideal trim. Technical excellence is achieved by using the best materials and European manufacturing coupled with XDEEP diving passion.

    Classical ideas uplifted for the modern diver.

    At first glance, the ZEOS is a classic single wing design, but look closer. Every component has been improved, whether the construction, the materials, or optimization of balance and gas movement in the wing. This is a truly modern classic.

    An uplifting wing

    The hydro-dynamic profile of the wing has been redesigned from the first principles. This reduces drag and coupled with careful attention to the wing’s geometry, trim and stability are enhanced. Perfectly matching the center of buoyancy of the cylinder, the wing holds you in flat trim, making propulsion easier and improving your gas consumption as a result.

    Just as comfortable at the surface.

    The ZEOS wing is designed to remain submerged whilst you are upright at the surface. Consequently, it provides more uplift and buoyancy. ZEOS holds you clear of even the worst surface conditions. Sit high and in comfort whilst waiting to board your ride home.

    As much lift as you want

    Too much lift can result in oversize and unwieldy wings, especially if you are not the world’s largest diver. Pick the wing that suits your own adventures.

    ZEOS 38 has 17 kg (38 lbs) of lift in a compact, streamlined and rugged package.

    ZEOS 28 provides 13 kg (28 lbs) of lift, offering the choice of a smaller but equally tough solution for the more ‘compact’ adventurer or for lighter cylinders.

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