XDEEP 2 inch Webbing


    XDEEP 2 inch standard webbing for scuba applications

    XDEEP 2 inch

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    WEBBING IS SOLD PER FOOT 12inches / 25cm

    xDeep webbing comes in 3 different stiffnesses, just like in xDeep BCD's, different stiffness is applied in different zones for unmatched diver comfort. Its a standard 2 inch wide webbing made to xDeep specifications to ensure proper flexibility, hardness, and durability. 

    Examples of xDeep webbing use in setups.

    - Soft webbing is mostly used for crotch straps

    - Medium stiff webbing is used for sidemount Stealth shoulder strap

    - Hard webbing makes backmount BCD's harness and Stealth waist belt

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