• XDEEP NX Series Double Ended Bolt Snap

    XDEEP NX Series Double Ended Bolt Snap


    XDEEP Double ended stainless steel bolt snap optimized for scuba diving.

    XDEEP NX Series

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    Introducing new optimized bolt snaps from XDEEP NX Series especially designed for scuba divers. In demanding environments even wrong size or type of bolt snap can be annoying or create problems. Once again XDEEP challenges this issue by rethinking bolt snap for scuba diving. Entirely new construction that introduces few simple yet effective solutions to common scuba bolt snaps problems. 

    Main advantages of new XDEEP NX Series bolt snaps are: 

    - evenly round hook for easy clipping

    - 14 mm / 0.55 inch jaw opening

    - large and smooth anti-tangle trigger

    - larger finger support

    - lightweight yet strong construction

    - total length 4-3/4"

    New XDEEP bolt snaps will surely bring more comfort to any dive.  

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