Pull Up Drysuit Gloves
    • Pull Up Drysuit Gloves
    • Pull Up Drysuit Gloves

    Pull Up Scuba Drysuit Gloves


    Heavy duty pull up scuba drysuit gloves, no glove rings required.

    Pull Up Drysuit Gloves

    Pull Up Scuba

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    Just pull up this heavy duty glove on top of your drysuit zip seals and you are ready to dive. Gloves are strong and stretchy making it easy to put on. Glove seals against drysuit zip seal creating a waterproof barrier. If you damage the glove just replace it with the new one in seconds. No more expensive drysuit gloves with sophisticated and confusing rings and many plastic parts.

    NOTE: works perfect with DUI wrist zip seals equipped drysuit, this glove can also be used with drysuit glove systems using rings etc, in order to use it without ring system just as pictured your drysuit must have zip seal or similar system that will allow glove to create a seal against it 

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