• xDeep NX Project Doubles Wing for Technical Diving

    XDEEP NX Project BC Wing for Doubles Technical Diving


    55NX PROJECT 50 lbs BC Buoyancy Compensator for double tanks.


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    xDeep NX PROJECT 50 lbs lift BC wing.
    Advancing wing system performance into a new dimension for technical diving.

    Inspired by the dives you do !
    What inspires you ? The thrill as a wreck emerges into view as you descend the shot line? The discoveries that lie in wait in the far corners of the hull? Perhaps it’s reaching into the depths of the earth, where darkness is split by your light for the first time.

    Technical diving demands rigorous and detailed training to be executed safely and enjoyably. Our gear is design to help in the perfection of skills and dive execution. The NX PROJECT buoyancy compensator applies engineering innovation, materials, technology and expertise of the world renowned divers explorers ensuring that it compliments and supports the performance of the diver.

    Stability, Ergonomics and Safety dominated our priorities and have been delivered in the NX PROJECT BC wing in full extend.

    NX PROJECT BC wing features:
    Greater lift with less drag. The NX PROJECT has sufficient lift to support multiple stage diving with ease, managing to achieve this in a tightly streamlined profile. This narrower profile reduces drag, easing your resistance and effort through the water, improving gas consumption and reducing the chance of entanglement.

    Unrestricted access to valves and perfect hose routing. In an emergency situation every second counts so easy access to your valves is critical.

    NX inflator design is so compact that upper wing size can be also reduced granting clean and broad access to cylinder valves and regulator first stages. In addition, the extra space allows for straight and tidy hose routing. Even when fully inflated the NX BC wing will not pressure or bend your hoses. Simple direct connection to the wing greatly improves air flow in and out of the wing. As a result, buoyancy control is more precise.

    NX PROJECT BC wing is built for unmatched performance and comfort in technical diving.

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